July 2, 2009

a few things to share.....

So, I totally thought gold teeth were out.....uh, no, not at the Wendy's drive thru they aren't. I'm not really up to speed on that whole thing, so I'm wondering if the gold/platinum/diamond/what-have-you teeth create some type of protective barrier on your real teeth. It seems to me that they would, so why aren't dentists everywhere advising us to get gold/platinum/diamond/what-have-you teeth? Can you imagine? I mean this could really tap into a whole other market for them. It would create jobs, stimulate the economy a bit....think about it people. I've had more fillings in the past year than I ever had my whole life. On another note....here is my current to do list:
  • get Veda to the eye doctor
  • take a cpr class with Ed
  • brave a community pool with Veda
  • sell this house
  • de-clutter
  • blog more
  • research pre-schools
  • take more photographs
  • make more crafts
  • sell more stuff on ebay
  • take a free excel class at the library
  • take another free photoshop class at the library
  • look into college for Spring '10
  • visit my sister
  • visit my parents
  • go to the beach before September
  • find a good home for my poor little scratcher dog Aja
  • get Aja to stop scratching
  • find a job where I can work from home on my own schedule and make tons of money :)

November 20, 2008

so pretty

I had no idea this stuff even existed 15 minutes from my house. So, so pretty...here are some pictures from our little outing to what most people call Turkey Lake Park.

November 17, 2008

here it comes....

December...and it's like a freight train. I almost can't look, but I'm plugging on, well, more like charging on. I can't not charge. So much is about to happen and well, not happen. Work will end soon and then the new work of finding new work will take over. Being with my adorable 1 year old every day all day will surely be eventful, but I am really going to have to get serious. Make spreadsheets or something....plan meals, do more laundry more often, get out my winter wear, take more pictures, make more lists. It's a little overwhelming to say the least. Please, please, please don't let me get sucked into the facebook vortex...please!

October 26, 2008

isn't it amazing?

I find it truly amazing that at a time when I should be panicking, feeling alarmed, sad, worried, etc. I am actually excited, hopeful and struck with anticipation. I may be heading for a rude awakening, but it's almost like I don't even care. Something woke up inside. Right before my baby turned one. Something, or possibly someone, tapped me on the shoulder and said "you are doing a great job and even if you are struggling to keep your head above water it won't phase you. You have come too far and your future is bright." It is bright. My daughter is truly amazing and I have a wonderful family. I know come December life will be difficult, but it will be worth it. I will feel relief even though I will be stressed. I will just keep thinking about days like these.......